Causes of Foundation Issues

Foundation problems are not only expensive to repair but can also pose danger to you and your family. Knowing the causes of foundation problems can help you set up good preventative measures to protect your home. If your home has suffered foundation damages already, then it is prudent that you talk to your local foundation repair contractor to have the issues fixed. Otherwise, knowing the main causes of foundation damage is something every homeowner should be aware of. The following article mentions several causes of foundation damage.

Type of soil underneath

The type of soil underneath your house is one the main causes of foundation damage. Expansive soils like clay have a higher risk of causing foundation damage. This is because they have high water retention capacity thus expand when there's plenty of water and contract when the level of water in the soil drops. If your home is built on such a foundation, they you'll likely experience foundation issues like walls cracking, floors becoming uneven, moisture infiltration etc. On the other hand, compressive soils also cause foundation failures as less compact soils normally lead to foundations sinking or floors becoming uneven. As such, houses should be built on compact soils at all times.Sadly, there are plenty of people who flout the building codes and may construct houses in less stable environments.

Weak Concrete

In some instances, foundation problems can be as result of the use of weak concrete mixture. Again the use of weak concrete mixture to build foundation is often a result of hiring incompetent or unscrupulous contractors. It is therefore important that everyone building a house should only work with competent and reputable contractors like Foundation Technology .

Drainage Issues

Insufficient drainage around the home is a major cause of foundation problems. When there are leaks in your home's drainage system, the water is likely going to seep through to your foundation causing a host of problems. Water coming from gutter and downspouts can also destabilize your foundation. As such, the only way you can protect your foundation is to ensure that there's no water damage around the home.

Soil Erosion

Lastly, soil erosion can also cause foundation damage. When soil underneath your foundation starts eroding, then you foundation is likely going to be weakened. Knowing the causes of foundation problems can help you prevent future foundation problems that can endanger your life or cost you a lot of money in Los Angeles Foundation Repair .